Colombia - Casablanca Gesha Natural

$30 CAD




1550 meters


Liliana Caballero Rojas




100% Gesha


Mango, brown sugar, Cola, Grapefruit, orange blossom

This incredible lot of Gesha coffee underwent Natural processing. Carefully selected cherries are first fermented for 150 hours in sealed tanks. These fermented cherries are then dried in a silo until the humidity reaches 15%. The partially dried cherries are then rested for 10 days in GrainPro bags before they are moved to finish being dried to 11% humidity in the sun. 

Casablanca has been evolving in the more than ten years since Liliana purchased the farm and began directing its operations. She pays equal attention to the management of the fields and of the farm’s infrastructure. The house for employees is well-maintained with bunk rooms and full bathrooms. To renovate the main house, Liliana hired an architect to draw up plans beforehand to ensure that the stability of the structure as well as the design were preserved.

The farm includes streams and a waterfall and is a stunning example of Colombia’s impressive natural beauty. The freshwater from the streams is used to process the coffee harvested on Casablanca, most of which is depulped, fermented, and fully washed in the clean, tile channels of the wet mill. While most farms in Colombia have both a main harvest peak and a smaller fly crop, Casablanca enjoys a more consolidated harvest period.



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